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Science and Charity Painting by Pablo Picasso

Science and Charity - Famous Art work & Drawing by Pablo Picasso

Science and Charity. 1897. Oil on canvas. Museo Picasso, Barcelona, Spain.


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Portrait of the Artist's Mother. 1896. Pastel on Paper. Museo Picasso, Barcelona, Spain.
Portrait of the Artist's Mother
Back To Pablo Picasso  Painting Index Matador Luis Miguel Dominguin. 1897. Pencil on paper
Matador Luis Miguel Dominguin.

Kraftt: A Political Astrologer

He did a lot of research before he ventured into the professionof astrology. He found that a man’s fortune is affected by the fate of his other family members. Not only that, he analysed the data of deaths and births and reached certain conclusion. He studied cosmic influence on human nature. Though he was forced to make false prophesies in favour of Hitler and Nazi Germany, he amply proved that hecould also make astounding genuine forecasts. He used Nostradamus’ predictions to the advantage of Germany by twisting and misinterpreting them, and was able to demoralize Allied Powers during Second World War. He was the favourites astrologer of Hitler but he proved that he was not a mere puppet in his hands.

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