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Self-Portrait in Blue Period Painting by Pablo Picasso

Self-Portrait in Blue Period- Famous Art work & Drawing by Pablo Picasso

Self-Portrait in Blue Period. 1901. Oil on canvas.


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Death of Casagemas. 1901. Oil on wood. Musée Picasso, Paris, France
Death of Casagemas
Back To Pablo Picasso  Painting Index Portrait of the Art Dealer Pedro Manach. 1901. Oil on canvas. The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA
Portrait of the Art Dealer Pedro Manach

The painter was bewildered and said, “If get the above amount in the future, I shall definitely offer it to you. At present, I only want to show my palm to you”.

“Then listen, you would be Emperor. You shall rule over two countries and your reign shall last twenty five years,” Lenormana predicted in all seriousness.

“How can an ordinary painter become an Emperor,” he asked incredulously.

Lenormana started laughing and said, “You are no painter. You are a warrior and an army officer.”

This painter was none other than Bernadotte, a Marshal in Napolean’s army. IN 1818, he became king of Norway and Sweden. He ruled till 1844. Though Bernadotte did not send 10,000 francs to Lenormana in his life time, he left directions in his will that this amount be paid to her.

On December 11, 1809, ‘the police arrested Lenormana. The details of that day are recorded in police records. We give below excerpts from the same.

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