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The Barefoot Girl. Painting by Pablo Picasso

The Barefoot Girl. - Famous Art work & Drawing by Pablo Picasso

The Barefoot Girl. Detail. 1895. Oil on canvas. Musée Picasso, Paris, France


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First Communion

Did Indira Gandhi have Premonition
Regarding her Death?
Mrs. Indira Gandhi was on a visit to Bhubaneswar on October 30, 1984. She had to address a public meeting at that place. During her speech, she suddenly said something that was quite out of context. Ina trembling voice she said, “If I lose my life for the country, every drop of my blood shall strengthen the nation.”

Only twelve hours after this speech, her bullet-ridden body lay at I, Safdarjung Road. She was on her way to geve an interview to a foreign TV network. The ground was red with her blood. Bu the time she was rushed to All India Institute of Medical Sciences, she was dead. Her own security guards had killed her. Amongst the documents found in her papers was a half-written will. It seemed that she had started writing her will only a few days before.

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