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The Tragedy. Painting by Pablo Picasso

The Tragedy. - Famous Art work & Drawing by Pablo Picasso

The Tragedy. 1903. Oil on wood. The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA


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La Vie (Life). 1903. Oil on canvas. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, USA
La Vie (Life)
Back To Pablo Picasso  Painting Index Portrait of a Young Woman. 1903. Oil on canvas pasted on cardboard. The Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia
Portrait of a Young Woman

The detectives of Scotland Yard were able to arrest the notorious criminal jack, the Ripper, in 1888 with the help of a person who had divine insight. Jack, the Ripper, had killed many women in different parts of London is a most brutal and horrendous manner. He selected only prostitutes as his victims.

The man who helped the police in locating this gruesome killer was Robert James Lees. It is said that Lees started seeing scenes of the murders committed by Jack, the Ripper, from August. He took the detectives with him to the place where the murdered live. It is not known, if Lees saw anything with his divine insight after he got that murdered

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