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Woman with Chignon. Painting by Pablo Picasso

Woman with Chignon. - Famous Art work & Drawing by Pablo Picasso

Woman with Chignon. 1901. Oil on canvas. Fogg Art Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA.


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Leaning Harlequin. 1901. Oil on canvas. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
Leaning Harlequin.
Back To Pablo Picasso  Painting Index Death of Casagemas. 1901. Oil on wood. Musée Picasso, Paris, France
Death of Casagemas

Kraftt came to know Virgil Tilea, a minister in Rumania in the year 1937. Tilea was greatly impressed by Kraftt’s extraordinary capabilities in predicting future events. He even corresponded with him regularly. It was through Tilea that he came in contact with influential people.

Kraftt was born in Switzerland on May 10, 1900. he started having premonitions regarding coming events from his childhood. He predicted about the death of his only sister. He was supposed to be a talented student who had special flair in Arithmetic. He joined the army at the age of 20. There, he started a club in which he and his friends practiced reading thoughts of each other. It was then found that Kraftt had extraordinary divine powers in reading other’s mind.

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