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Self-Portrait Painting by Paul Cezanne

Self-Portrait - Famous Art work & Drawing by Paul Cezanne

Self-Portrait. c. 1879-85. Oil on canvas. The Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow, Russia


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The Bridge of Maincy near Melun. c. 1879. Oil on canvas. Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France
The Bridge of Maincy near Melun
Back To Paul Cezanne Painting Index Leda with Swan. c. 1880-82. Oil on canvas. Barnes Foundation, Lincoln University, Philadelphia, PA, USA
Leda with Swan

In this fake edition, Nostradamus was made to prophesy: “In the war, the artillery of German army would be totally ineffective on the population and area of South-East France.” As this prophesy was airdropped, there was a rush amongst the people to go to South-East France. When the German troops entered France from North-West, the way was clear for them.
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