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Aube the Sculptor and His Son. Painting by Paul Gauguin

Aube the Sculptor and His Son. - Famous Art work & Drawing by Paul Gauguin

Aube the Sculptor and His Son. 1882. Pastel. Musée du Petit Palais, Paris, France.


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Study of a Nude. Suzanne Sewing. 1880. Oil on canvas. Ny Carlsberg-Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark
Study of a Nude
Back To Paul Gauguin painting Index At the Window (A la fenêtre). 1882. Oil on canvas. Collection of Otto Krebs, Holzdorf. Now in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia.
At the Window

Albert Einstein
Germany: Famous Scientist
Born: 1879 Died: 1955

Albert Einstein is one of the most illustrious scientists of the 20th century. He made the famous and revolutionary discovery of the Theory of Relativity. Einstein promulgated his theory of relativity in 1905 when his scientific research papers were published. This discovery established his reputation among the physicists of Europe. This theory of relativity states that the speed on light appears to be the same whether an object is moving rapidly to meet it or going away from it. His scientific discoveries enabled him to give some new theories regarding space, time and gravitation. In 1912, Einstein became a Professor at the Zurich Polytechnic (Switzerland). In 1914, he was invited to become a Professor at Prussian Academy of science in Berlin. When Hitler, who had a profound hatred for Jews, came to power in Germany in 1933, Einstein left Germany and settled permanently in America. During World War II he worked for US Navy

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