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Cattle Drinking Painting by Paul Gauguin

Cattle Drinking - Famous Art work & Drawing by Paul Gauguin

Cattle Drinking. 1885. Oil on canvas. Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Milan, Italy


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Bouquet. 1884. Oil on canvas. Collection of Otto Krebs, Holzdorf. Now in the Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia.
Back To Paul Gauguin painting Index Still Life with Mandolin. 1885. Oil on canvas. Musée d'Orsay, Paris, France
Still Life with Mandolin

Mother Teresa
India: Embodiment of Compassion
Born: 1910 Died: 1997
Through her selfless service to the poor and the sick, Mother Teresa had not only won the hearts of the Indians but that of the people of the whole world. She came to India in 1929 for the first time and was moved at the sight of the crippled and the helpless people on the pavements. There are thousands of members working in the missionary organizations established by her. Calcutta was the center of her humanitarian activities. She was the foundress of many organizations which serve suffering humanity like ‘Missionaries of Charity(Sisters)’, ‘Nirmol Hridoy’ homes for the sick and the dying and ‘Shishu Bhavan’ for disabled and mentally retarded children.
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