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Madame Alexandre Kohler. Painting by Paul Gauguin

Madame Alexandre Kohler. - Famous Art work & Drawing by Paul Gauguin

Madame Alexandre Kohler. 1887/88. Oil on canvas. The National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC, USA.


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Head of a Negress. 1887. Pastel. Rijksmuseum Vincent van Goug, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Head of a Negress
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Still Life with Three Puppies.

When he returned home, his interest in birds developed into a passion and he took a formal training to become an ornithologist. He was appointed a guide in the museum of the famous Bombay Natural History Society. Then he proceeded to Germany for higher studies in this field.

On his return to India, Salim Ali came to know that his post had been abolished which rendered him jobless. With whatever he had, he bought a house near Bombay port. There he studiedm the behaviour of weaver birds throught his keen observation. In 1930, he published research papers based on this, which established him as an ornithologist.

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