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Woman with a Flower Painting by Paul Gauguin

Woman with a Flower - Famous Art work & Drawing by Paul Gauguin

Vahine no te tiare (Woman with a Flower). 1891. Oil on canvas. Ny Carlsberg-Glyptotek, Copenhagen, Denmark


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Paul Gauguin

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Ia Orana Maria (Hail Mary). 1891. Oil on canvas. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, USA
Ia Orana Maria (Hail Mary).
Back To Paul Gauguin painting Index Te Faaturuma (Brooding Woman). 1891. Oil on canvas. The Worcester Art Museum, Worcester, MA, USA
Brooding Woman

Greece: Renowned Philosopher
Born: 470 B.C. Died: 400 B.C.

Socrates is considered to be the wisest man of the ancient world. Socrates relentlessly pursued truth in all spheres of life. For finding trth, he used the method of questions and answers. He would put certain question and invite answers. The answers thus received, he wouldagain put some question and in this process ultimately arrived at the right answer. With Socrates, also emerged the Greek philosophy which was non-existent before him.

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