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Crucifixion Painting by Raphel ( Raffaello Santi )

Crucifixion - Famous Art work & Drawing by Raphel

Crucifixion. 1502-1503. Oil on panel. National Gallery, London, UK.


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St. Sebastian. 1502-1503. Oil on panel. Pinacoteca dell'Accademia Carrara, Bergamo, Italy
St. Sebastian

<< Back To Raphel Paintings Gallery Index Solly Madonna. c.1502. Oil on panel. Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Gemaldegalerie, Berlin, Germany
Solly Madonna

Iran : Founder of Zoroastrianism
Born-Died : Around 600 B.C.

The sage who founded Zoroastrianisn, the religion of the Parsis, was Zarathustra, who lived in Iran inabout 6th century B.C. Zarathustra gave the message of compassion love andtolerance and kindled knowledge among the people who were clinging to superstitions and religious ignorance. They were polytheistic in thir religious beliefs. Zarathustra aboslihed polytheism and established two dominant spirits in life: Ahura-Mazda(the spirit oflight and good); and Ahriman (the spirit of evil or darkness).

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