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Hagel's Holiday. Painting by Rene Magritte

Hagel's Holiday. - Famous Art work & Drawing by Rene Magritte


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The Explanation. 1954. Oil on canvas. 80 x 60 cm. Private collection.
The Explanation.
<< Back To René Magritte  painting Gallery Index The Month of the Grape Harvest. 1959. Oil on canvas. 130 x 160 cm. Private collection.
The Month of the Grape Harvest.

By far, the greatest achievement of Raja Ram Mohan Roy as a social reformer was the abolition of ‘Sati’, Child Marriage and “Pardah”. It was due to the untiring efforts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, involving considerable personal risks, that the then Governor General of India, Lord William Bentinck abolished the practice of ‘Sati’ in 1829.

Raja Ram Mohan Roy has been rightly called the ‘Father of Indian Renaissance’ or the ‘Father of Indian Nationalism’. He died on 27th September 1833, in England.

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