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Tanguy, Yves (French, 1900-1955)
Tannauer, Johann Gottfried (German, 1680-1737)
Tchistyakov, Pavel (Russian, 1823-1919)
Teniers the Younger, David (Flemish, 1610-1690)
Terborch, Gerard (Dutch, 1617-1681)
Terebenev, Michael (Russian, 1795-1866)
Theophanes the Greek (Russian/Greek, XIV-XV)
Tissot, James (French, 1836 -1902)
Titian (Italian, 1488/1490-1576)
Tolstoy, Count Feodor (Russian, 1783-1873)
Tonci, Salvator (Italian, 1756-1844)
Torelli, Stefano (Italian, 1712-1780)
Tropinin, Vasily (Russian, 1776-1857)
Tura, Cosmè (Italian, c.1430-1495)
Turner, Joseph Mallord William (English, 1775-1851)
Tyranov, Alexey (Russian, 1808-1859)
Tyrsa, Nikolai (Russian)

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